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A Very Lovely Early 19th Century Anhui Province Cedar Wedding Cabinet

A wonderful old Anhui Wedding Cabinet in Original Condition.

A Victorian Shop Display Cabinet

A 19th Century Shop Display cabinet from a historic perfumery in Chester.  Mirror back and suede shelving are later (but

A Victorian Tall Rustic Pine Kitchen/Pantry Cupboard in Old Paint Finish

A large, tall, fully shelved 19th Century fully shelved Kitchen/Pantry cupboard in original paint finish.

A Wonderful 19th Century American Oak Mission Clock

A wonderful 19th Century American Oak Mission Long Case Clock

A Wonderful 19th Century Arts and Crafts Box Stool

Lovely Arts & Crafts Box stool from the Cotswold valleys of Stroud.; an area which spawned some fine makers in the Arts & Crafts tradition. This simple little box stool/work box is made from brown oak which has acquired a lovely deep nut brown colour. The stool has a two piece top with one piece having leather hinges allowing lifting to give access to the interior.  There is also a single drawer beneath. The size is 36 cm x 28 cm and stands 45 cm high.

A Wonderful 19th Century Country House Camel Back Sofa

We are offering for sale this wonderful 19th Century Mahogany Camel Back Country House sofa in original condition and ripe

A Wonderful 19th Century Provincial Country Cupboard (Solid Burl Slab Top)

We are offering for sale this unique piece of country furniture dating from the 19th Century.  Constructed of solid hardwood

A Wonderful 19th Century Rustic Buffet/Dresser Base

A fabulous 19th century continental rustic country Dresser Base/Buffet.

A Wonderful 19th Century Upholstered Wing Chair and Large X Frame Stool

A wonderful Country House 19th Century Wing Armchair and Large x Frame Stool,  Good structural condition, ripe for recovering to

A Wonderful Antique Brass Bound Barrel Stick Stand

A super antique brass bound Barrel Stick Stand 67 high x 40 wide.

A Wonderful French Antique High Chair

A very lovely French Antique High Chair in super condition.  101 high x 40 wide x 40 deep

A Wonderful Large Old French Biot, Olive Oil, Comfit Jar

A wonderful large old French Biot, Olive Oil, Comfit jar in fabulous condition.